Our worst enemy


On his way out of the city, Mulla Nasrudin meets the virus, Covid19.
- Where are you going, asks Nasrudin?
- I am going to the city where I have a mission to kill 1000 people
- OK, says Nasrudin, if this is your mission.
On his return, the Mulla realizes that not only 1000 people died but 10000 instead.
A few days later, he meets Covid 19 and very angry, he says to him:
- You lied to me; you did not kill 1000 but 10000!
- Oh no, replied the virus, I did kill 1000 but the rest died out of fear.

Fear kills our immune system, it paralyses us and when we act out of fear, our fear becomes true. We do not know today how the future will look like, we can make various hypothesis, have different opinions but this, we will only know when it will become our present.  This collective, planetary phenomenon has all stopped us and, in a way, is inviting us to face our individual reality, by going within ourselves as we cannot go outside and be into that present moment and see who we are, by deeply examining our emotions.

Sometimes, we are not aware of our fear, anger, sadness but our behaviours can give some hints: autopilot attitude, becoming numb, craving for food, sweet, alcohol, work, video games, TV etc. also our behaviours towards our family (sarcasm, defensiveness, aggressivity, blaming, etc.).
How about we start observing those attitudes and when they occur, take a deep breath, press the pause button, count to 10 and ask the following questions:
– What is the emotion that I am having here?
– Which (my) purpose does it serve?
– What’s the opportunity for me here?
– What can I learn from this?
– What can I change?

By taking ownership of our emotions, behaviours and attitudes, we create a mind shift, from a reactive to a creative mindset, not allowing the fear to take over and allowing new scenarios of positivity, co-creation to emerge:
– I have a choice,
– I can do something different
– I can take accountability

With this, the mind will become peaceful, the vision will widen, and fear will be minimized.
If we keep repeating and rehearsing and changing our habits, after a while, the intensity of fear or any other emotion will be reduced and we will move from victim to mastery.

So, what do we choose?

- Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise

Our choice !

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