Meta means “going beyond” in Greek with “Tara” meaning “star” in Hindi, which symbolizes hope and potential. Methara’s objective is therefore to guide you in the fulfilment of your project. We will first start by searching and discovering your unexplored and unexpressed potential in order to allow you to take ownership of your power. Once this is accomplished, we will build your project by identifying and removing obstacles to your achievement. Thanks to your commitment and the acquisition of new insight and emotional intelligence, you will be able to reach your objectives. Throughout this journey, we will use various techniques of creativity, analysis and relaxation acquired thanks to my Indian origins and Western education.


My involvement with numerous companies of varying sizes and spanning several nationalities has provided me with deep experience in managerial positions such as finance, marketing, and human resources.  This diverse background has strengthened my knowledge regarding how many different systems operate from numerous perspectives.  Besides France, my experience abroad in Madagascar, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the U.S. has helped me to understand different styles of management used in international organizations and to appreciate the different perspectives that people of diverse backgrounds can bring to interpersonal relationships.  

This professional experience has provided me the opportunity to use, deepen, and sharpen the skills that I acquired during my studies at the EPSCI business school and during work towards my Master Degree in Human Resources at the Essec organization where I had the opportunity to write a thesis on “Well-Being at Work.”

Training that I received in India in Ayurveda “Science of Life” in Sanskrit allowed me to acquire a global vision of the human being and, therefore, to adapt myself to different cultural, professional and social contexts.

I am a certified Coach from CTI, “Coaching Training Institute,” trained in “Organization and Relationship System Coaching,” by ORSC, and in Cognitive Neuroscience, by ANC.

I work in French, English, Spanish and Gujarati.