A kaleidoscope of several cultures (Indian, French, African),‎ I have worked for multinationals, United Nations and small companies. ‎Over the years, I have gained managerial experience in marketing, finance and human resources. I understand the complexities of the corporate world, the numerous styles of management and the interpersonal relationships that may emerge from people of diverse backgrounds and personalities.

A training in Ayurveda (“Science of Life” in Sanskrit medicine) along with a rigorous daily practice of meditation for more than 20 years have allowed me to acquire a global vision of the human being and adapt myself to various cultural, professional and social contexts.

In my practice as a coach for 10 years, I bridge the western and eastern culture: combining the analytical and intuitive mind, offering a holistic approach to help people grow within their full potential.

Having successfully coached and facilitated 100’s of leaders nationally and internationally, I am a certified PCC Coach, from CTI, “Coaching Training Institute,” trained in “Organization and Relationship System Coaching,” with ORSC, in Cognitive Neuroscience, in Appreciative Inquiry as well as in Co-development. I also use the Leadership Circle Profile, a 360 “assessment” tool for individuals and teams coaching.

I work in French, English, Spanish and Gujarati.