I help leaders and senior managers to:

Shift from an auto-pilot mode to an actively creative mode,

Connect to their deep values, their sense of purpose, and see the big picture,

Lead in a new, complex and virtual environment,

Manage professional transitions (promotion, new company, personal entrepreneurial project).

“I had the privilege to be Mehmouda’s coachee for one year during a complex business transformation period. Mehmouda’s holistic approach of coaching allowed me to root my leadership challenges into meaningful purpose, finding the equilibrium between business value creation while applying my personal values and finding my own purpose within a business context. The process also allowed to re-invent myself and prepare carefully a transition to a completely new career. Mehmouda has a rare combination of both intellectual & emotional intelligence that make her a perfect fit for executives open to deep personal transformation.”

Vincent S.,
Founder at Karma logix, Impact Consulting

“ I have had the chance to be coached by Mehmouda. She has a talent for pushing you to explore all facets of yourself and help improve your management style, in a subtle but resolute way. Sessions with her have been sometimes smooth, sometimes tougher but always inspiring and helpful. Ultimately, I have gained insight and confidence to face my new professional and personal challenges. I definitely recommend her as a coach.”

Christophe L.,
Finance Director at Bolloré Logistics



I help leaders and senior managers and their teams to:

Foster open dialogue with team members (including transversal and remotely) addressing issues that get in the way of team performance and building good rapport and trust,

Stimulate the interaction between team members and move out of their comfort zone,

Improve their professional relationships with their peers and develop a management by influence, to assure full support and move ahead.

“ I have the great honor to be coached by Mehmouda during a senior leadership program. Mehmouda for me is a very talented coach with deep insight and profound understanding of human with a great respect to the individual. Her coaching brought a real impact and reflection for individual leadership. I wish more people can benefit from her talent. Many thanks again to Mehmouda! ”

Stracy C.,
HRVP at l’Oréal China

“ Mehmouda is a wise, insightful and supportive coach. She has a great ability to interact with a wide range of employees including top executives, and to get the best of the people by the way she stimulates the interaction between them and lets them move out of their comfort zone. Mehmouda brings a very positive energy and enthusiasm and with her great capacity for analysis, combined with determination, she helps the team to reach its objectives.”

Guido T.,
Global General Manager Commercial at L’Oreal France

We are free when we master our emotions.