The rhythm of our daily life, particularly in this vuca world, can unconsciously keep us from being in tune with our true nature.  We tend to end up in a kind of inertia, ignoring our deepest desires and moving in an autopilot mode. With Methara, you will experience a new energy which will awaken what lies within you and calls you in order to find your capacity to dare and to act in a flexible and agile way: a hidden treasure which is your potential, illuminating your path of future actions. This can happen in individual or collective sessions for:

Becoming conscious of the train of your thoughts, whether they are expressed or not, as well as your feelings and body sensations,

Searching for a balanced relationship between the nature of thoughts with your feelings and actions,

Celebrating your successes (and the success of your team), recognizing your frustrations, reflecting on them and determining the key lessons,

Detecting your talents and the talents of your teams, getting the best out of yourself (values, life and professional projects) and themselves, and creating new synergies,

Introducing new perspectives in your life and giving new directions,

Taking initial actions to express and reach your objectives and the objectives of the organization

Daring to change and becoming the co-creator of your life.

Where you place your attention is where you place your energy